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In the past

All began with a personal website where I have created resources (brushes, textures, etc.) which are available for picture editing for free. With other graphic sites I had regular contact by having partnerships with their authors, so we could compare notes at any time. After a few years the main topic of my site changed to more tutorials. Finally, it was 2011 a personal blog about many different topics. My blog should not come up to the stereotype of a "fashion" or "everyday life" blog, but rather try to broaden horizons, to see things from a new perspective and not to condemn things that look "different". Just because it is not the norm, it must not be bad. On the contrary. I think individual behaviour with his own opinion appears more interesting and more mature.

The name

It can be interpreted very much in this (self-created) word. It is in the eye of the viewer. The idea behind this word is not a darkness (like an eclipse of the sun) in a dream, but rather the composition and the meaning of the two words. I personally like to dream. Whether at night, in the middle of a day, during a bus ride, while I do something or at some other even less advantageous times. I also like the darkness. Darkness in the sense of blackness, the "dark", mystical, individual. You could say it is the opposite of pink-colored hearts.

After countless days of brooding and thinking, after thousands of brainstorming words and hundreds of combinations I have come ultimately to the title Traumfinsternis.

The Logo

The logo came much later to this, to be exactly it was four years since my website is published with that name. I took up creating my logo a long time, so that my appearance on the internet gets more ordered and serious. After a few starting problems it all came pretty quickly. The idea was there very speedy and the realization went pretty fast.. It took only a few days and no weeks as I emanated from. I immediately realized that I really need a butterfly in my picture mark, so I tried to realize all variations of butterflies. On the one hand, in general the symbol reminds to the butterfly in a logo of a band that I have seen live a few times and whose songs I like listening to: ASP
On the other hand it seems somehow mystical, fragile and yet so dark. I love it.

My brand image seems in contrast more rounded and rather abstract. With lots of fantasy you could see instead of the two wings a heart. These interpretations all stands for me and my thoughts.

The "swirls" on the mark designation have taken some more time. They combine the mark designation and the collimating mark, and therefore they compose a decorating unit. It makes everything seem rather more feminine and more swinging.

The choice of colour with the gradients from red to dark red and medium gray to dark gray highlights the symbols of the logo. Beautiful, mystical and dark. These color combinations I personally like very much.

The font Trebuchet MS, the capital letters and the letter spacing in the mark designation I chose according to my personal sensation. I honestly can not tell you why I decided on this ... But ... it falls into place, it goes with me, and that is the most important aspect.

Buttons to link

Here you can find a few buttons for linking:



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Visitors opinions

Every now and then blog authors or other readers of Traumfinsternis write a short or extensive opinion respectively review about my little blog. At this point I would like to thank everyone for their honest opinion and effort and present herewith the short conclusions. Is a larger report available so you can reach and read it at the link given below.

May 03, 2012

I just simply love your site. I can read your news for hours and I think I would not be bored. This way, as you embody all that together, I like totally. Your page is clear structured and what you are looking for, you will find. (...)

Nick, blog author at paralyzed.de.be

November 23, 2011

Overall, you can say so, if you like reading posts etc., and if you as a visitor don't attach importance to resources or other graphics, then it is a very worth visiting side. In my opinion one click is worth anyway!

Dani, blog author at my-april.com

Traumfinsternis goes international

Notice für my international visitors: I want to say sorry for my bad english. I tried to translate my weblog without any help by a native speaker. Of course you can tell me always the mistakes in my contents. Thanks!

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