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Spring mini flood of pictures


  • Diagonal angle of view: 46°
  • Lens construction: 6 lenses in 5 members
  • Number of diaphragm blades: 5
  • Minimum aperture: 22
  • Closest focusing distance: approx. 0,45m
  • Maximum magnification: approx. 1:6,6
  • AF motor: MM
  • Filter Diameter: 52mm
  • Price: approx. 100 to 130 Euro

The price/performance ratio is simply unbeatable. I can not test extensively, but the first results convince me. Therefore I can only recommend this lens amateur photographers with a low budget! Only the slightly larger distance to the object I had at the beginning to get used to something, because I could go a little closer with my kit lens. But that's like saying only a matter of habit.

But enough said, here is my first "snapshots", I hope you like them:

The exif data I have added to each image in the title.

Violas in the sunset | F/4.5 1/250 Sek. ISO-200 50mm | 05/2012
Violas in the sunset | F/4 1/180 Sek. ISO-200 50mm | 05/2012
Geraniums on window | F/4.5 1/250 Sek. ISO-200 50mm | 05/2012
Flowers | F/4 1/250 Sek. ISO-200 50mm | 05/2012
Plants | F/4 1/180 Sek. ISO-200 50mm | 05/2012
A dog at the fence | F/2.5 1/60 Sek. ISO-200 50mm | 05/2012

Many thanks to Jörg. For what, you surely know best!

Photographs from other seasons can be found at Fascination of ice (Rime, Nature in Frost Robe) and at Christmas flood of pictures (Pictures of Christmas Market of Lübeck).

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04. Mai 2012, 21:17 Uhr

Aww, der Hund! Tolle Bilder! So ein Objektiv werde ich mir auch noch zulegen :)

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