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Vampire's Love

Expedient for the theatrical release (24th November 2011) of the fourth part of the Twilight series "Breaking Dawn - Part I", I also bought some cosmetics of the trend edition "Vampire's Love" by essence cosmetics last week and after a unsuccessful search (at 'dm' almost everything was already sold out) I still found the articles at 'Rossmann'. And that simply had to come with me:

  • lipstain 01 bloody mary1,95 Euro
  • lipstain 02 true love1,95 Euro
  • nail polish 01 gold old buffy1,75 Euro
  • nail polish 03 true love1,75 Euro
  • nail polish 05 hunt me if you can1,75 Euro
Vampire's Love: lipstain and nail polish

In addition, there were rouge, powder, eye shadow, eyelash extension powder and perfume.

I have never heard anything from Rouge in liquid form ("blush gelée"). I can imagine that it is a very slushy thing to apply it. That is why I prefered to leave it there. Apart from this, I almost never wear rouge, so I would only rarely use it.

The "shimmer powder" was in my opinion a bit ridiculous – but I also think that the only idiot thing in the Twilight saga is that the vampires sparkle in the sun and will not be weakened as it is well known. But to be honest – you really want to sparkle throughout the day in the face? For the ultimate Twilight fans it may be ideal, but otherwise it is kind of something inappropriate, in my opinion, is not it?

The shadow of the "eyeshadow palette" "01 love at first bite" was not especially unusual. I own a lot of dark eye shadow, so would this purchase also not very useful – although I must confess that I almost bought the palette anyway …

To lengthen the lashes with mounted lint was a very interesting idea. You only apply mascara as usual, then you crumbles the lashes with the "volume lash powder" ("01 Eye Need You") and finally dyed the fluffs with black mascara again. Really very interesting, but I am not sure if that works as easily and if it still looks real. I definitely had some concerns and I have also left the product.

Personally I thought that the perfume of the LE "eau de toilette" smelled too sweet.

The color of the "lipstain" that one applying lipgloss-like, looks very soft and natural, and it is long lasting and smudge-proof. The lips are stained literally, because the color permeates into the lips and does not form a gloss-coat. Perfect for a special, slightly more subdued look. For fancier looks perhaps a bit too small.

Now I focus on the "nail polish". I own the colors purple (03 true love), black (05 hunt me if you can) and golden brown (01 gold old buffy), all have a glitter-metallic-effect. The color blue (02 Into the dark) and white (04 the dawn is broken) were to boring for me personally.

Vampire's Love: nail polish 01 gold old buffy
Vampire's Love: nail polish 05 hunt me if you can
Vampire's Love: nail polish 03 true love

And I have tested "true love".

The nail polish is very smooth and covers well in sufficient quantities. Once it is applied to the nail, the paint can be well distributed and without streaks, because it is very fluid. The result is a constant applied nail polish that dries quickly.

Vampire's Love: nail polish 03 true love, applied

I personally like the glitter-glow that looks like something metallic, very good. This affects that the nails do not look dull and boring.

Tip: When applying the nail polish run the brush not quite up to the lateral edge of the nail. This causes a spreading of the paint and there are unnecessary slushy things. Let a half to one millimeter apart. It does not attract attention and you have a clean edge on your painted nails.
(you see my nails in the picture above)

And by the way, relating to Twilight: I will watch the movie "Breaking Dawn" this week in the cinema. I am looking forward already! Is there anybody who feels like me?
Although I could also read the book, to see how it ends, but since I have seen the first part, even as a movie, I think it is stupid to read the book afterwards, because the figures and scenes of the viewed film will not get out of your head &ndsash; or at least they do not get out of my head. I should really had to start to read the book series from the beginning, but oh well. So it is good!

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