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Picture labyrinth

Depending on the color and brightness the resized photo will be placed at that area where it fits in the big photograph. For example, you could realize the glow of a red traffic light in a close-up of a red rose, etc.

But of course, that all do not need to happen manually. There are programs suitable for this purpose, e.g. Foto-Mosaik-Edda , which fill up the photograph with lots of little pictures automatically.

I think that is kind of interesting, how so many little pictures can become somehow a single image. Here I have tested the software:
(below the original photo)

Photo mosaic
Photo mosaic: Original photograph

The more different pictures are used, the better and more detailed will be the result. Mine is okay — I did not find enough pictures in the velocity, I can use ... :)

It is somehow fascinating, is not it? It is just a software, but anyway I am crazy about it. Do you like it or am I the only one who rejoice in such peanuts?

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13. Oktober 2011, 17:37 Uhr

Dankeschön! Das kann ich nur zurückgeben :)
Die Idee mit dem Foto-Mosaik ist echt toll, ich habe früher mal versucht, so was selber zu machen, bin aber kläglich gescheitert :D

Liebe Grüße,


13. Oktober 2011, 20:04 Uhr


Danke für die Affi-Anfrage, habe dich hinzugefügt. :3
Ich finde dein Design echt hübsch! *_*
Dieser Mosaik-Effekt ist toll, muss ich mal ausprobieren. :OOO


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