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MP3 in car - without player

Anyone who thinks that there is no solution and that he has to scrabbles about in his old CDs to listen music in car, you can still learn something:

A good alternative is called FM transmitter (or radio transmitter). Simply connect it with the cigarette lighter in the car, put a USB flash drive or SD card in the front, adjust frequencies and the radio transmitter and you can hear your own MP3 songs.

FM transmitter

How does it work?

The data from the transmitter will be send via funk to the radio. Prior the frequencies of the radio and the transmitter have to accord, that is, both must be set to the same free frequency. You can also say that this little device simulates to the radio that it is an own radio station. So you can hear your own radio station with own music from the USB flash drive.

You should pay attention to regional radio stations, because the frequencies of these vary by region. For long trips you have to change the frequency a few times very probably. A free frequency in Schleswig-Holstein can be reserved in Nordrhein Westfalen by a local radio station.

In addition a regular FM transmitter is available for only 15 Euro including shipping, that is very cheap compared to a new radio.


  1. Buy FM transmitter (eg at Amazon )
  2. if it is not available, buy USB flash drive or SD card
  3. connect USB flash drive or SD card with the PC (via USB port or a card reader) and with save your own MP3 songs on it (just copy)
  4. put the USB flash drive or SD card in the FM transmitter
  5. put the FM transmitter into the cigarette lighter in the car
  6. look for a free frequency with your car radio (detect it by hearing a strong noise, no background noises should be hearable)
  7. adjust the same frequency in the FM transmitter
  8. listen music :)

The frequencies in the neighbourhood

To find free frequencies in your area easily, you can get help by the website www.fmscan.org.
Have a look to the left column "Scans" and click on "Frequencies For Any Location." Then enter your place, click on "Search" and then you have to search your exact location from the table. By clicking on the place name far left you get to the next step. Click only on "Generate" and you get a list of radio stations in your area.

Now click on "change parameters" and check "find free frequencies.

If you scroll further down, you will find the biggest radio stations in a sorted order. The stronger the green, the higher the frequency (noise-free radio listening). At the bottom you get the list of available frequencies. Now you can pick one and set it to the FM transmitter.

PS: Of course you can also set the language in German previously. (Germany flag at the top right)

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20. September 2011, 20:14 Uhr

Hallo =)

Hatte schon bei Facebook gesehen das du an deiner Seite arbeitest und ein neues Design online gestellt hast :) Gefällt mir sehr gut!

Ich komme im Moment gar nicht zum bloggen, dabei gäbe es so viele neue Dinge zu berichten xD

Das mit der Adresse sehe ich jetzt nicht so eng - zu mal ich ja auch seine habe ;)



29. Oktober 2011, 15:14 Uhr

Interessante Möglichkeit, mir scheint die Lösung mit einem Kassetten-Adapter, aber unkomplizierter zu sein. Da schließt man halt eifnach einen MP3-Player an einen speziellen Adapter, der ins Kassettendeck kommt, an und kann das ganze dann über den MP3-Player steuern.
Der Adapter hat, meine ich, auch nur knapp 10€ gekostet, die es wirklich wert sind.


29. Oktober 2011, 15:35 Uhr

Ja, ich weiß.
Aber was ist, wenn man kein Kassetten-Deck besitzt? Dann finde ich den Transmitter eine gute, günstige Alternative.

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