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Am I a murderer?

We have to kill it. Otherwise it will kill you.

from the movie: The Twilight Saga - Breaking Dawn Part I

Similar were the words to the pregnant Bella from the movie "Breaking Dawn" (the fourth part of the Twilight Saga).

This movie I have seen on friday strangely does not leave me. I have been thinking a lot about it and it really occupied me. Even on the morning after I thought about certain scene and was still fully immersed in this world. Because I have not read the books before, I did not know what to expect. But one thing is certain: this film is very well done and I can only recommend it! Just because it it not, e.g. the first part, romantic, and love, peace and harmony, and even "hard" scenes are shown, that makes it all to a really good movie. But I can imagine that readers think the books are still better, wherefore I can not say anything.

Well … I would actually amount to something else. In real life, everyone was probably already in contact with pregnancies, either on television, friends, family, or perhaps even yourself. Because of the film, I thought about this "creature" in the belly of an expectant mother. In "Breaking Dawn" Rosalie and Alice not agree, how to describe it – Alice keeps talking about the "fetus" and Rosalie corrected each time with "baby".

And what if an abortion should be happen – is it murder?

The cross in front of St. Marien of Lübeck (Church of Our Lady)

Luckily for us it is not usually the case that a pregnancy will kill the mother. But let us say, it is certain that they will not survive the birth. Should "It" will be "done away", because otherwise it will kill the mother?
Or what if a child is not desired – you should be rid of it? It is anyway only a "small spot" in the belly of the woman and not a real person?

How do you think?

Section of a front door of City Hall in Lübeck

I think we are talking about a human being from the first second. Equal, whether you can not see very much of this baby – but after years there grows an adult out of it. I also think that a termination of pregnancy is somehow even legal murder. Just because the baby is still not grown, it does not mean that it has no rights of life, is not it?

I know, the topic is difficult and there are many women who have aborted their child, for any reasons. It may be that they had no choice, but somehow I still always feel strange. Those women have almost always a fight with herself after this procedure, because of feelings of guilt etc. This should not be underestimated what a huge burden the woman has to bear. Well, I do not speak from experience, but just from my imagination and putting myself in this shoes. It is probably different from person to person and so I have no problem if not everyone agrees with me – but I know that I personally could not let conduct this intervention so easily.

If a cancellation should made​​, the expectant mother and expectant father should talk about it extensively and find a solution together! Statements of a pregnant woman as "it is my body, I decide what happens to it," are so terribly in my opinion! Yes, it is the woman's body, but the man should also decide what they want to do! Finally, both have created the child. They should work together to make the decision, even if they disagree. About this you have to speak absolutely, until both are satisfied with the decision, more or less!

However, there are always exceptional situations … pregnancy by a rape, for example, is a sad exception. In this case my opinion is a little different, because this conception is not done voluntarily. But fortunately this is not the standard, but that the woman and the man have voluntarily slept together with an awareness that a child might arise (for prevention both are responsible!). And if in spite of everything there is a pregnancy, both parties should talk about it together!

Somehow to create a new being is a miracle and you should handle it carefully.

An entrance door of St. Marien of Lübeck (Church of Our Lady)
An entrance door of St. Marien of Lübeck (Church of Our Lady)

I am curious what will be your, my dear readers, opinion on this topic. Is the baby in the belly of an expectant mother (no matter at what stage) a real person in your opinion?

A few additional words:

Where there are often differences of opinion, the question is whether the father of the child should be informed at all. I have heard of some women that they think it is not necessary, to inform the future father about the pregnancy. They are after all the one in which the baby grows and the men have to do nothing at all. You could also make an abortion without informing them.

When I hear these opinions, I get very angry each time. Both are responsible for the child and the father should be informed at all times about everything for the child! Finally, the woman and the man are needed for a procreation of a child. In my opinion the statements are absolutely idiotic, if some women say the men have no bearing on that! Both bear in equal parts the responsibility and no one should be excluded or exclude himself/herself from it. Even men who claim they are able to help it, the woman would be responsible for everything (including prevention), are not better in my eyes.

So much for that … what do you think?

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Life, Thoughts, Relationships, Photography


28. November 2011, 20:09 Uhr

Ein Schwangerschaftsabbruch ist immer so eine Sache...
Ich hoffe, dass ich nie vor solch einer Entscheidung stehen muss. Für mich ist das auch Mord, wobei die befruchtete Eizelle für mich noch kein Individuum ist (was sich aber noch entwickelt). Aber ich kann jede Frau verstehen (und habe irgendwie auch Respekt vor ihnen), die es aus plausiblen, persönlichen Gründen getan hat. So etwas entscheidet man nicht leichtfertig.
Für ein erneutes Gesetz gegen den Schwangerschaftsabbruch bin ich aber nicht.

Ich weiß selbst nicht, wie ich mich verhalten würde, wäre ich während des Abiturs/des Studiums oder ähnlichen unpassenden Lebensumständen schwanger. Ich glaube auf Dauer wären meine Schuldgefühle über das vernichtete Leben zu groß.
Naja, hoffen wir, dass so etwas nicht passiert.


29. November 2011, 16:14 Uhr

Für ein solches Gesetz wäre ich auch nicht. Ich glaube ich könnte so einen Eingriff nur nicht mit mir selbst vereinbaren...

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